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Change of management at NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S

19 January 2024

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19 January 2024

Change of management at NTG Nordic Transport Group A/S

The board of directors accommodates the wish of Group CEO, Michael Larsen, to transition into a more operational role within the Road & Logistics division at NTG Nordic Transport Group (NTG).

Jesper E. Petersen will remain CEO of the Road & Logistics division and Michael Larsen will take part of the leadership of the division with specific focus on the Nordic and Baltic regions, projects, and M&A. Michael Larsen remains part of Group Management.

The board of directors appoints Executive Vice President and member of Group Management, Mathias Jensen-Vinstrup, as the new Group CEO. Mathias Jensen-Vinstrup is currently responsible for M&A and Corporate Development at NTG. Before joining NTG in 2020, Mathias had several years of experience in corporate finance, advising on mergers, acquisitions, and equity capital market transactions.

The changes will take effect on 1 April 2024.

Chairman of the board of directors, Eivind Kolding, says: "Michael Larsen took position as Group CEO in the spring of 2020, shortly after the public listing of NTG, and has had a strong impact on the successful development of the company since then. It is fortunate that we can retain his excellent capacities in a new role within NTG, not least when additional acquisitions materialise. We are at the same time happy to promote Mathias Jensen-Vinstrup to Group CEO. Mathias is an extraordinary talent who has gained deep insight into the business of NTG since he joined NTG in 2020. As Group CEO, he will further promote the strategic development of NTG including its M&A agenda".

Michael Larsen says: "I take pride in the progress of NTG during my time as Group CEO but have found that I miss being closer to the operational aspects of the business - as I was before becoming Group CEO. My new role will be ideal in that respect. I am also pleased to see Mathias becoming the new Group CEO. I have worked closely together with Mathias over the years, and I am convinced that Mathias is the strongest candidate for the job".

Mathias Jensen-Vinstrup says: "I am proud of getting the opportunity to lead NTG as Group CEO. NTG is a fantastic company and I look forward to pursuing our strong ambitions together with my valued colleagues across the entire group".

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